Green reading is an important avenue for success in golf.

We are all aware of the influence of our putting performance, with 46 percent of the score devoted to the flat stick. Therefore, in ensuring we putt well (and score well), we must ensure each read is correct. To make a correct read we must account for all the vital variables, and not undercut our own intelligence by creating overcompensations.
So, in order to putt well we must account for as many variables in the correct manner and allow our well trained subconscious to process the information, decide on and visualize your key indicators, and hit the putt we see.
This process must be always performed in isolation. Practice makes perfect, and if your putting practice currently involves comparing one putt to the next, expect implicit overcompensations on the course. You must train yourself on the putting green to read each putt by itself and hit each putt in isolation. The EEZ-READ helps you do just that!

Why Is Putting a Golf Ball As Hard As We Make It?

Theoretically putting a golf ball should not be all that hard. As opposed to other golf shots, you aren't trying to get the ball in the air, making it a two-dimensional issue. Power, and therefore hitting the ball for distance, isn't a factor, putting all golfers on an equal footing. Weight distribution should not factor in, making for less moving parts during the swing than in other shots. But when it comes to amateurs, we have all witnessed some pretty disastrous displays for this very important part of golf.
So why is putting a golf ball so difficult? Because it seems so simple, everybody thinks they should be able to do it reasonably well. Therefore they don't take the time to understand the concepts of proper putting, and without that knowledge don't practice enough or know how to practice. Knowing that there are things you can do to make yourself a better putter is a good start. Then be sure to designate enough practice time to work on your craft. To make my point, next time you're at the practice facility, see how many people are on the driving range as compared to those on the practice green.