Confidence-EEZ-READ helps big time!
To gain confidence at anything, one must experience success and store it so it comes out when we need it. When we first started to drive a car, we were nervous, unsure and apprehensive. We really did not have much confidence at driving. After we gained experience at driving, backing up, parking, our confidence allowed us to perform and execute with pout fear.
The same can be said for putting. When touring professionals have a 10-foot putt, they are almost positive that they will make it. So how do we learn to be confident?
A great way to build confidence is to experience success on the putting green, and the EEZ-READ can help here too. Place four balls around a hole at only one foot from the cup. Go through your routine and setup to the putt and stroke it into the hole. Keep doing this drill over and over and do not get careless. Learn the feeling of a well-struck putt and let the sound of the ball dropping into the hole become music to your ears. Smile a little as you continue to make putt after putt.
Now, you might say that anyone can make one-foot putts, but there is something more to this practice that you will have gained. If you can start every putt on your line for the first one foot, your putting success will soar. When you set up to a 20-foot putt on the course, get your line and set yourself to make that first foot of the putt dead online.
Some people have a great ability to visualize while others just cannot do it with much success. It is an aptitude or talent that some have and some do not as in musical ability. So when great putters say they can see the ball going in, how can you do this?
One thing that we are all blessed with is something called delayed retina imaging. Simply put, if you look at an object and then close your eyes, you will still be able to "see" the object. Try it out right now.
On the putting green, line up your putt and then either look at the breaking point of the putt or the cup and return your eyes to the ball. Hold the picture of the spot (point or cup) in your mind. Now you have a target even though you are not really looking at it.
Stroke the ball without undue delay while holding the picture in your mind. You will be surprised at how many you will make. Basketball players often do this when throwing up a 3-pointer although they may not be aware of it. When you are doing your one-foot drill, use this technique on every putt and you will own it.

Written by Robin Austin — March 14, 2014

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