Differences with putting and your normal golf swing that you must recognize.
• Ball position. It changes in your golf swing, but should not change regardless of the putt. With the best putting stroke you are trying to roll the ball over a certain line, and by putting it too far back the tendency will be to "skip" the ball. By putting it too far forward you will likely "pop" the ball. Ideally the ball should be positioned under the front eye when in your stance.
• Golf club grip. Normally with all of your golf clubs besides the putter the grip will be more with the fingers. The putter grip will be positioned more across the palm of the hands. (Here of course we are talking about the normal putting action used in the traditional putt). The difference is to take more of the wrist action out of the putting stroke.
• Body movement. During the golf stroke you want as little movement as possible, but obviously with the necessary weight shift there has to be some movement. During the putting stroke you don't want any movement, and it is quite difficult to remain completely still. Putt in front of a full length mirror and watch yourself. You will probably move more than you think.
• Golf psychology. The mental aspect of the game takes on a greater importance in putting. There are probably a few reasons for this, perhaps because it is the last shot on a hole, and therefore no chance to recover. Or maybe because we lack confidence over the putt because we haven't practiced it enough.

Written by Robin Austin — March 15, 2014

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